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Crystal Healing ~ something for everyone!

It is only natural that when we experience something soul-shaking we want to share it with everyone and shout it from the rooftops!

I am so passionate about crystals and crystal healing and want everyone to feel that it is accessible to YOU - from young to old, balanced or in need of alignment, cynic or on to find out the 3 ways you can apply crystal healing to your life and reap ALL the benefits. ✨

1. Energetic or vibrational balancing

Energy is all around us and in everything we see; constantly flowing and transferring. People feel this flow the most – our energy is unstable and frequently fluctuates with emotions and outside influences. We all naturally seek a higher vibration – radiating peace, love, kindness and compassion; and cannot withstand long periods of low vibration – fear, jealousy, hatred, rage, anxiety.

We are drawn to crystals as they have something we do not have but crave - a stable and consistent energy. By keeping crystals around us, we can absorb this energy to balance our own vibrations and raise us to a happier state of being. 🥰

2. Colour therapy and aesthetics

Our eyes give us one of our most powerful senses! Just gazing upon sheer beauty releases endorphins and instantly makes us feel happier. It is one of the easiest ways to bring a quick release and is the foundation of Instagram itself. And why not?! We all love surrounding ourselves with beautiful things and making our spaces feel our own.

A core part of aesthetics or design appreciation is colour therapy, which is one of the oldest holistic treatments and has a proven basis of significant sustained wellbeing enhancement throughout the ages.

The basic idea behind it is that different colours are made up of different wavelengths of light that hit our retinas and create electrical impulses in different areas of our brains. They can be used to either stimulate or calm our hormonal or nervous systems.

Put very simply and as an example, generally people feel agitated or tense when viewing the colour red. Blue is known to be calming, green can focus the mind, purple is associated with spirituality and yellow is generally a colour of happiness.

There is so much to read up on with colour therapy and how the colours line up with the chakras too. Or you could keep it completely simple, and let your eyes choose the right crystal for you – your intuition knows what your mind and body needs! 🙏

3. Personal talisman

When we choose a crystal, there is always an underlying reason at the particular time, subconscious or not. Whether we are going through a difficult life experience, want to promote a particular emotion, or want to change our lives in a bigger way. We infuse each intention and purpose into that crystal, and so we develop a special attachment to it and what it symbolises.

This gives it a unique power – to serve as a tangible reminder of that special purpose. To remind us of the emotions and energies we want to feel, the person we want to be, and the life we want to lead. 🤍