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Hello sweet soul, I'm Kylie the founder of COSiCRYSTALS and the one who handpicks each crystal, creates our jewellery and ceramics, and lovingly packs your orders and infuses them with warm intentions.

Crystals started out for me as a deep appreciation of nature's creations and the aesthetics they bring to a space, but I quickly experienced their powerful vibrations and ability to change my mood and thoughts. They have been my gateway for energetic healing and rebalancing, and have helped me through some challenging and traumatic experiences. So of course I wanted to share their magic and help others far and wide along their spiritual journeys.

COSiCRYSTALS was then birthed in November 2021 after a long while of dreaming - my intention was to share these powerful energies from the earth with you, connecting you with magical frequencies that can align your own energy flow and bring peace to your soul.

Something so important to me was to only source from suppliers I know and trust and who share their background operations with me. There is something simply amazing in seeing a crystal extracted from the Himalayas and trekked down the mountains on backpack, to see it packed in a box just for COSi! I am now the caretaker of literally hundreds of handpicked gorgeous crystals, awaiting their chance to connect with your spirit and enhance your wellbeing.

Running an online business and connecting with you virtually is incredibly rewarding, with most of my customers reaching out for advice and talking through their needs via video or phone first. This is so important to me, as I know how difficult it can be to connect to a crystal via a website and have personally made many unfulfilling purchases over the years.

I have been recently learning and empowering myself to also offer 1-1 personal healing sessions - it is a service I've felt drawn to for a while, and became more of a pressing need as I was engaging with so many more people in selling crystals. I quickly realised that there is a huge need to add a complementary healing session as some people were seeking something crystals alone can't give, or weren't really sure where to go from crystals or even how to use them.

I am also truly happiest when I am creating with my hands and channeling my energy out into clay, earth altars or energetic crystal jewellery pieces and wall hangings. It brings me joy to share these creations with you, but I also have that typical artist drawback where I leave a piece of me with each creation - so am working on that to release more of these beauties to you soon! 

I hope you enjoy exploring our website and find your special something to promote mindfulness and bring you daily joy and gratitude.