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Our Cleansing Ritual

We are firm believers in the power of smudging and cleansing, and acknowledge this ancient spiritual ritual which originated within the Native American culture.

If you have never tried it, you are in for a true surprise the first time you do! I still remember the first time I experienced the powerful sensation of cleansing out bad energy and inviting positive vibes in through thoughtful intent.....truly transformative! Read on for some tips and to hear our rituals...

What and how to cleanse

There are many things you can cleanse (your work, homespace, crystals, your mind and body, a new home, after an unpleasant experience) and many ways to cleanse them (with moonlight, water, charging plates, smoke, sound/singing bowls, meditation)....just to name a few.

While the methods can be changed to suit your needs each time, thoughtful intentions and being fully present in the ritual should remain a constant.

Our preferred way to cleanse is through smoke from Sage and Palo Santo. These two complement each other so well, smell divine in the process, and there is something truly mesmerising watching the smoke waft! By using the Sage first, it cleanses and removes all energy from a space or crystal. Be sure to keep a nearby door or window open to allow the negative energy to flow out, otherwise it may become trapped. Be mindful that all energy is removed through a Sage cleanse, so this is where Palo Santo comes in! This sweet smelling smoke re-invites positive vibes and energy back in to your space or to be absorbed by your crystals.

The cleansing process

While lighting the smudge sticks, give focused and considered thought to your intentions and desires. Once ignited, softly blow out the flame to leave the burning embers billowing with smoke. Slowly waft this around the room or under and over your crystals, being present in the moment and mindful of your intentions - for powerful results, this step of the ritual should not be rushed. Always use a heatproof bowl or dish to lay your smudge stick on after the cleanse...the smoke should continue filling your space for several minutes after your ritual is complete.  

Our practice

COSiCRYSTALS regularly cleanse our crystal studio, and each time we receive a new shipment the pieces are cleansed before bringing them into our sacred space.

We want you to get the best out of your experience with us and each of the crystals you purchase. So for each order you place, we perform another cleansing ritual over your pieces with you in mind. If you have specific intentions for your crystals or wish to share your story and what brought you to purchase from us, please let us know via email or in the order notes and we will add this to our ritual for a truly bespoke experience.