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In-person Offerings

My home crystal studio in the Sutherland Shire is a sacred space filled with crystals, love and high vibrations.

It is a place for me to help you find a deeper connection with yourself, and remove energy blockages that are keeping you from living your highest truth.

I would love to welcome you soon, explore my range of offerings below and connect with me via email or instagram DM with any questions.

Head to our homepage to find the Book Now button next to a photo of the studio, or click the Book Now button in our Instagram Bio.

Crystal Healing experience

I am honoured to hold space for you to deep dive into your soul and help you remove blockages to living your highest truth. Together we will sit in ceremony, exploring your intentions over a calming cup of herbal tea. With a guided oracle card reading to help you uncover chakra imbalances and your souls desires.

We will then select healing crystal/s that call to you and meditate with their energies to tune you into their frequencies for optimal healing.

Each experience will vary and be personalised for you on that particular day - sessions may include a crystal sound bath, guided meditation, aura cleansing, reiki and/or other elements of ritual suited to each person and each need.

These sessions are powerful and likely to bring up many emotions needing to be felt. But through my intuitive healing work, you will leave feeling lighter, rebalanced, inspired, and more your true self.

Sound Healing experience 

The power of sound and vibrations is completely transformative, and I am honoured to offer this healing for your mind, body and soul.

These personalised sessions will take you on a journey and leave you feeling more connected to your higher self - the vibrations will pass through every cell and crystal in your body, bringing them together in perfect unity and activating your inner healing powers.

Any stress or tension will completely dissolve and you will leave feeling refreshed, empowered and more in alignment with your truth.

Elements of ritual will be incorporated into each session, depending on your intentions on the day.

A variety of instruments will be used including crystal sound bowls, tingsha cymbals, elemental chimes, rain stick, tongue drum and shamanic rattles.

Couple/Friends Crystal Sound Bowl Meditation 

Bring your love or dear one and indulge in a crystal sound bath meditation.

Float away with this calming chakra rebalancing meditation session - any stress or tension will melt away as the crystal sound vibrations pass through your body and clear any energy blockages.

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